Programme: RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry Meeting

University of Kent: 16th – 17th December 2019

Event harassment officers: Cally Haynes, Anna McConnell and Claudia Caltagirone

An electronic copy of the conference booklet can be downloaded form the link below:

Monday 16th December 2019

09.30-10.20         Arrival, registration, poster setup, coffee

10.20-10.30         Welcome and opening remarks

Session 1             Chair: Chris Hawes

10.30-11.20         Plenary 1: Phil Gale (University of Sydney)

New insights into anion transport mechanisms: voltage-gating, pumps and HCl selectivity

11.20-11.50         Invited 1: Emily Draper (University of Glasgow)

Using Self-Assembly to Tune Chromic Behavior

11.50-12.10         Talk 1: Barry Blight (University of New Brunswick)

Tuning Chromaticity by Second-Sphere Coordination of Iridium(III) Complexes

12.10-12.15         Flash 1: Tanya Ronson (University of Cambridge)

Self-assembly of a 5-fold interlocked [2]catenane

12.15-12.20         Flash 2: Simon Lewis (University of Bath)

Azulenes – Colorimetric and Fluorogenic Reporter Motifs for Chemical Sensing of Analytes of Biological Interest

12.20-12.25         Flash 3: Le Fang (Queen Mary University of London)

A modular ‘click-SNAr-click’ approach to develop subcellular localised fluorescent probes to image mobile Zn2+

12.25-12.30         A brief word from some of our sponsors

12.30-12.45         MASC AGM

12.30-13.30         Lunch and poster session

Session 2             Chair: Ben Pilgrim

13.30-14.00         Invited 2: Helena Shepherd (University of Kent)

Smart Molecular Materials: From Synthesis & Structure to Properties & Applications

14.00-14.20         Talk 2: Sarah Pike (University of Bradford)

Development of hybrid foldamers: an innovative class of anticancer therapeutics

14.20-14.40         Talk 3: Sander Wezenberg (University of Nijmegen)

Supramolecularly directed rotary motion in a photoswitchable anion receptor

14.40-15.30         Plenary 2: Mike Ward (University of Warwick)

Chemical catalytic properties and photophysical properties of a coordination cage host

15.30-16.10         Tea/Coffee

Session 3             Chair: Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro

16.10-16.15         Flash 4: Gareth Lloyd (University of Lincoln)

Dynamic Covalent Chemistry coupled to Self-Assembly

16.15-16.20         Flash 5: Larissa von Krbek (University of Cambridge)

Allosteric regulation of anion exchange in an Fe4L6 tetrahedron

16.20-16.25         Flash 6: Benjamin Egleston (University of Liverpool)

Controlling the properties of porous liquids

16.25-16.30         Flash 7: Robert Pow (University of Glasgow)

Embedding electron-rich p-systems within an Icosahedral Inorganic Fullerene

16.30-17.00         Invited 3: James Crowley (University of Otago)

Palladium(II) Metallosupramolecular Cages: Self-assembly and Molecular Recognition

17.00-18.00         Bob Hay Lecture: Kim Jelfs (Imperial College London)

Evolutionary Discovery of Molecular Materials

18.00-19.30         Poster Session Sibson

19.30     Bar Opens, Darwin Conference Suite

20.00     Conference Dinner, Darwin Conference Suite

Tuesday 17th December 2019

Session 4             Chair: Timothy Barendt

09.00-09.50         Plenary 3: Tanja Weil (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research)

Synthesis of Supramolecular Biomaterials

09.50-10.10         Talk 4: Anna Slater (University of Liverpool)

Exploiting flow synthesis and self-sorting for molecular materials

10.10-10.25         Industrial 1: Marcus Winter (Rigaku)

10.20-10.45         Tea/Coffee

Session 5             Chair: Anna McConnell

10.50-11.10         Talk 5: David Magri (University of Malta)

A Lab-on-a-Molecule with an Enhanced Fluorescent Readout on Detection Of Three Chemical Species

11.10-11.30         Talk 6: Nick Evans (University of Lancaster)

Interlocked Molecules for Useful Applications

11.30-12.00         MASC PhD award lecture

12.00-13.00         Lunch and poster session

12.30-13.00         WISC network meeting all invited

Session 6             Chair: Tim Easun

13.00-13.30         Invited 4: Peter Knipe (Queens University)

Foldamers Coming Full-Circle

13.30-14.20         Plenary 4: Tony Davis (University of Bristol)

Synthetic Lectins – The Host-Guest Chemistry of Carbohydrates

14.20-14.40         Tea/Coffee

Session 7             Chair: Steve Goldup

14.40-14.50         Award of Oral and poster prizes

14.50-15.10         Industrial 2: Catherine Wark (BMG Labtech)

15.10-16.00         Plenary 5: Dave Leigh (University of Manchester)

Making the Tiniest Machines

16.00-16.05      Chris Hawes         ERC MASC 2020

16.05-16.10         Anna Slater     MASC 2020

16.10-16.20         Closing remarks

Please feel free to take part in the first Women In Supramolecular Chemistry (WISC) network meeting hosted by MASC19 during the symposia lunch break on the 17th December.

For further information please visit WISC web page or follow us on twitter @SupraChem.